You can enroll today if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

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The affordable care act gives people who have recently experienced a qualifying life event the opportunity to enroll in an Obamacare plan. If you experienced one of the following life changes in the last 60 days, you could be eligible to enroll in a plan today:

You recently got married.

If you recently got married or entered into a civil partnership you and your spouse could qualify for a special enrollment period. HealthMatchup can help you take advantage of this time to get 2016 Health Insurance for your family.

You’re about to lose or recently lost coverage.

Did you recently lose or are you due to lose existing Obamacare coverage such as an employer-sponsored plan, COBRA coverage, or coverage through your parent’s plan? If so, you’ll have 60 days following the loss of coverage to enroll in a new plan. We can help you find great health insurance options in your area today:

You’ve experienced family changes.

Have you recently given birth, gained or lost a dependent, or experienced the loss of a family member? If so, you could be granted a special enrollment period to find health insurance that best fits your family. If you’ve experienced any of these events in the last 60 days, request a quote through HealthMatchup to find plans from top providers in your area.

You’re moving or have recently moved to a new address

If you move or to a new address and gain access to new health plans, you’ll have a 60 day special enrollment period to enroll in a new health plan. You can find your new health insurance options by requesting a quote today.

Other Special Circumstances

There are number of other life changes that qualify for a special enrollment, if you’ve experienced any of the following in the past 60 days, you should check your eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period by requesting a quote today:

  • Your disability status has changed
  • Your household income or size has changed your subsidy status
  • You were recently released from prison
  • You are a member of a federally recognized tribe
  • Your insurance company or marketplace made an error when processing your application
  • A marketplace assistor (agent, broker, application counselor, etc.) made an error that
  • resulted in you not being covered
  • You gained citizenship or lawful presence
  • There was an error in the plan info displayed on the marketplace

Even if you don’t qualify for a Special Enrollment Period you still have health insurance options. HealthMatchup can check your Special Enrollment eligibility status and if you don’t qualify at this time we can connect you with great short-term health insurance plans to help keep you and your family covered!


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